For Sale!

Because three wetsuits is too many!

Triathlon Wet suit by 2XU. Designed for swimming fast.

Model: C:1, clicky to see tech specs and size info.

Size: Mens Small/Tall. Fits 5'9" to 6'0", 141-159 lbs, according to size chart.

Brand new, tags still on, never been wet.

Asking $200.00

Shoot me a maily, twobluebikes@gmail.com if interested.


Name That Spot?

What's not to like about the beach on a summer day?

Especially when there's a little surfy surf.

And we score parking right up front.



Dear Supermarket Bagger People,

Thank you for bagging my groceries. Because really, I couldn't possibly do it myself. But please, when I give you MORE THAN ONE cloth bag for my groceries, do NOT stuff all my groceries into ONE BAG. There's a reason I have MORE THAN ONE. If I wanted my avocade squished under my bottle of Chianti, I would only give you ONE BAG. But I don't. And I don't want my fancy-shmancy organic lettuce crunched under the olive oil bottle or the soup cans. Really, I don't. When the time comes to crunch the lettuce, I'll be the one doing the crunching. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Love and kisses,

Oh, and that race in France, pretty fun, eh?


¿donde esta?

Calling all locals! I need me a new taco stand in the neighborhood of downtown. Like, east side would be super convenient like. I want to eat decent Mexican food, drink a beer, for not too much money. Help a girl out! I so heart the kids at Los Arroyos. Good food, nice people. But ack, they just went up with the prices again, and really, I just can't be throwing down quite so much every time I want a taco. They'll have to be my special occasion taco joint. Eh, I remember back in the day, eating fish tacos and caronas on the sidewalk outside their old wee hold in the wall. So good.

Why does progress have to cost so much money?

Gracias for any and all suggestions!