You Are Here

A prize to the first person who can find me in Slide #2. I'm the one waving at the helicopter.

I so heart me some crowds.


Strings Too Short To Tie

I went out on a bike ride on Saturday. I saw a lime-green whoopie cushion by the side of the road. I wonder if it glowed in the dark.

Happy New Year. Did I say that yet? I meant to say that. Now, it's 2009. Which feels so completely different from 2008.

There's still no surf to speak of. Who ordered up the flat spell? Me, I'm blaming Kelly Slater. Reportedly, he recently bought a house here. Clearly, it's all his fault that it's been flat for weeks and weeks and weeks. Sigh.

In other surfing-related news, we just sold one board, so we can buy another. So virtuous.

If you are of the surf-video watching persuasion, One Track Mind has some quite lovely footage shot on film (as opposed to digitalness.) Yum. Funny interviews, too.

No surf, how about food? I recently discovered a friend has a fabdabulous blog of vegetarian recipes. Nice clear instructions that even a dumbass like me can follow. And, pictures. Scrumptiously beautiful pictures. Now, where is that kitchen of mine, anyway?

I did say this post was about strings too short to tie. And, really, it's a bit short to tie, too. Somedays are like that. Especially mondays.

Happy New Year!